Credit Where Credit Is Due

I may, in references to Presidense Bush, have given the impression that I thought the man inept, or deficient. For that I apologize. The Presidense is ept and ficient, and I’ll be among the first to say so.

For instance, he has been criticized for ignoring the problem of climate change. Well, be fair about it. How many of us fully understand that problem? At least W has made an effort. It was a couple months ago that he decided it was important enough an issue that he needed to speak openly and honestsly to the American public about it. Time and personnel and equipment were set aside to prepare a mini-documentary for TV.

Unfortunately, the enterprise came to nothing. But we should not blame the man himself for that failure. If you haven’t already seen them, please take a few minutes to view the production out-takes, below, which say more than words can about Presidense Bush.


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