Don’t the Democrats Give a Damn?

Somewhere in the bottom of the fifth inning, I lost interest in the World Series. I don’t favor either team, but a dull game is a dull game. So I turned off the TV and checked the major news sites on the Internet.

Here’s what I found, in headlines and leads for major stories of the day. Read through them, and tell me: How can the Dems be such panty-waist wimps out there? How come they aren’t circulating recall petitions and mounting impeachment hearings?

  • A major disaster in California as fires cause…..
  • US state department official resigns after criticism….
  • Romney’s mix-up of Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden….
  • $2 trillion to $4 trillion loss in real estate wealth….
  • Secretive world of the Blackwater compound in Baghdad…..
  • Climate Change Testimony Was Changed By White House
  • U.S. Embassy in Baghdad plagued by shoddy construction….
  • Merrill, Lynch Posts $2.3B Loss….
  • Bank of America Eliminates 3,000 Jobs….
  • Americans are pessimistic about the country’s direction.
  • Pakistani Army to combat followers of a militant cleric….
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost $2.4 trillion….
  • President seeks to refocus attention on Cuba….

Because all of that shit, all of it, all of it, all of it, stems directly from the corruption, mismanagement, stupidity, cupidity, arrogance, and folly of the the Bush-Cheney Administration. [Notice that, cannon to the left of him, cannon to the right of him, into the Valley of Obfuscation rides the Gallant Decider.]

And what of the opposition party in all this? Where is the outrage, the condemnation, the righteous indignation, the denunciation, the action. Where the fuck is it? What is it with Democrats? They’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?

Goddam it, they hurt my feelings when they sit around with their thumbs up their asses watching our world unravel.

I’m going back down stairs to open another beer. Maybe two. Tomorrow I’ll be soft-spoken and rational again. But I’ll still be pretty goddamn pissed off.


5 thoughts on “Don’t the Democrats Give a Damn?

  1. I’m a life-long liberal (with a small “l”) Democrat but I’ve taken to voting for the candidates of my choice (mostly Democrats, I admit) on the Liberal (with a capital “L”) line or some other one that they’re on rather than on the party line.

    Maybe if ALL voters used the alternative lines to make their choices, the politicians would wake up to the fact that we’re disgusted with BOTH parties.

    You’re right, SOG. Politicians who are not securely in office (like a lame duck president) don’t want to make anyone feel anything! They’re afraid that by rocking the boat, their next (or current) campaigns with flounder or that the harsh words will come back and bite them in the future when they waffle over to the other side of the issue.

    Wow, all these food references are making me hungry! Time for breakfast and a new attitude for this year’s Democratic candidates.

  2. When I search for a common root for all our problems, I come up with this. War is exceedingly profitable for a few people. It’s Eisenhower’s old statement, “Beware the military/industrial complex.” He wanted to say, “military/industrial/congressional complex,” but was talked out of it. Now we can easily say, “the military/industrial/congressional/media complex.”
    The only definitive cure for all of this, as far as I can see, is to take the money out of election campaigns. Total public financing for all candidates (and no! in spite of the Supreme Court ninnies, this is not a free speech issue).
    As some wise man once said, “It’s the one reform that makes all other reforms possible.” We’d better get it soon. Until we do we’re simply (with gratitude to Thoreau) hacking at the branches of evil rather than chopping at the root.

  3. Caution: A mixing of metaphors follows.

    While the mid-term elections seemed to supply the Democrats with a much needed booster to prevent them from flat-lining, the dosage seems to have been insufficient to give them the strength to get off life-support and walk on their own again. The disease that ravages the ranks of congress and prevents them from voicing opposition to the status quo is fear. Fear of not winning the next election, fear of being called cowardly liberals, fear of losing money for their districts (homeland security, military contracts, etc.), and fear of rocking the proverbial boat in a time of “war”. Well, it’s time they woke up and started rowing that little boat.

    I see them sitting adrift in a small little raft with no oar to make the thing move and no compass or map to guide their way. Once in a while one or the other will try to get the thing moving by using his/her hand as a paddle in the water. They’ll make a little splash but the raft just spins a little and soon enough the water settles and the attempt is lost to the waves. They need to all start rowing together, in one direction, and commit to moving forward to some solid ground before the Bush-Cheney destroyer group capsizes them again.

    The time for testing the water is over. It’s time for us to bring them in. The best that we can do is let them know it’s time for action and give them a direction in which to travel. It seems there used to be a time when our “leaders” didn’t need help finding their bearings. Maybe the people we elect these days don’t have the sense of direction their predecessors had. The right direction in which to move seems clear to me (but what do I know?). Even if it’s not the most direct route or the best route, it’s better than aimlessly riding in the wake of the ship we’re following now.

  4. Take heart. I’ve been a registered independent too. At least since the non stop stream of jackasses masquerading as (donkeys, is it? I forget…) guardians of the great society stepped out from under and behind the republican Reagan machine that was the 80’s. Does this point squarely at wild Bill as the first real Jackass Democrat of this new era? Well, yes, I guess it does, really. Not to say he’s an idiot. I think he’s a very intelligent man, and next to Bush ‘Dur’ truly a rocket scientist, at least. But where is his outrage? What the hell’s he doing with his unneccesarily useless celebrity?

    & Mon. Gore – Ou est le fromage, mon ami? Seems to be a form of ‘Nobel Oblige’ with him…We really seem to be craving monarchy like it was comfort food.

    I don’t know. It’s strange and pitiful how short our collective memory is. Both Reagan and Clinton presidencies should be remembered in the context of their time and not as a neverland bathed in some kind of sepia-toned glow. Let’s unfold the roadmaps of the past and revisit the full horrors of their embarrassing topographies. Sheesh, and to think we want Hillary driving the bus? Sorry, I really pushed the limits of that metaphor. Right off a cliff, I think.

    Hey, by the way, how many runs in a non election year did the last pennant winning team score after a 10 run or greater lead was erased in extra innings when starting pitchers on both sides took the mound wearing only capri pants?

    You’re gonna have to google that one. I’m not telling.

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