Looking good. Or trying to.

I’ve never been happy with the design and layout of this blog. WordPress, like the other blog server operations, provides several dozen off-the-shelf designs. Most can easily be modified in small details — banner picture, side-bar copy. But to make the kinds of changes I’d like — fonts, colors, element size — requires money, time, and trial-and-error fiddling with the code.

So that’s a warning. Over the next few weeks, I hope to undertake such changes. The page, consequently, is liable to vary in appearance from day to day, from hour to hour. Some of the features subject to change:

  • I don’t like the drab sky blue in the side-bar.
  • Don’t like the way quotes are marked.
  • Don’t like the headline style, especially all caps in the box titles.
  • Don’t like smudgy gray all over the place.
  • Don’t like the type size. which seems to have been chosen for very young eyes. (You can adjust it in your browser, but shouldn’t have to.)

The picture at the top, in the banner, that also has to go. It may be interesting or amusing, but it doesn’t SAY much of anything. I’d like to counter-pose images of poverty and wealth — the primary and most egregious dichotomy of our world. But the strongest images of poverty involve people, while the strongest images of wealth involve stuff. Doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions, ideas, observations?

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