Corporate largesse

National Grid is a large energy company which supplies electricity and natural gas to much of New England and New York, including the town of Hope, in Hamilton County. Two months ago, a power surge hit about 150 homes and the Hope town hall, blowing out lights, appliances, and computers.

Service representatives for National Grid told affected customers that they would be compensated for their losses. A month later, however, the company announced that the cause of the surge was failure of an insulator, which allowed two normally-separate lines to come in contact with each other. And, since that failure was neither foreseeable nor the result of negligence, the company would not honor any claims.

Maybe you’ll want to read that again, to make sure it’s not a misprint. Failure of an insulator on a power line was neither foreseeable nor the result of negligence.

Customers have complained, of course. Now a spokesman for National Grid says the company has decided to review the situation, and would like to offer assistance. However, National Grid still refuses to accept any responsibility for the situation.

  • Not our fault, nope, no way. Never once ‘fore now had us a problem with one a them in-soo-later things. Musta took into its mind to flip apart fer no goldang reason. No WAY we coulda predicted that. But hey, we unnerstan yer loss, an we symathize. We could help ya out some, a couple bucks fer that washin’ machine that melted down, and mebbe a couple more for the computer. Not much we can do fer the fridge, though; looks like she was about done fer anyhow. Tell ya what, we’ll round ‘er up to an even five bucks. That’s two-fifty per each. Sound OK to you?


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