It Gets Worse. Really.

You probably heard that John McCain cancelled an appearance last night on David Letterman’s show because he had to get back to Washington to solve the financial problems he’s done so much to provoke. But Letterman discovered that, instead of rushing back to DC, McCain had simply trotted down the hall to do an interview with Katie Couric. Letterman’s follow-up, Craig Ferguson, laid him out for it.

Why would McCain do that: diss a network star who’s been remarkably courteous and accommodating to him? My guess is that the McCain people, having gone into raptures over Palin as a teleprompter reader, suddenly discovered what happens when she’s forced to rely on her own brain, or on the notes in her lap. The first part of her interview with Couric was bad enough; the second part was ghastly.

So Johnny Straighttalk pulled a triple switcheroo. Make nice with Couric so the whole of CBS and everyone who watches Couric doesn’t write him off for Palin’s ineptitude, knife Obama in the back by ignoring his suggestion for a combined effort to deal with the financial crisis, and grab some headlines and pictures with a photo op in the Rose Garden.


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