It’s Not About Winning.

There will be a Presidential debate this evening, at least as of the latest report. (It’s not beyond belief that McCain would pull yet another diversionary tactic.) So the two men, McCain and Obama, will at last confront each other and the issues.

But as you watch it — and I encourage you to do so — please keep in mind that, while “winning” and “losing” may be relevant to a high school or college debate team, this debate is about where we are headed. We need to hear about policy, about issues, about plans, about philosophy. Cheap scoring points, zingers, and mugging for the cameras are childish in this venue. And what we desperately need right now in Washington is adult behavior.

So don’t bother trying to keep score. Don’t take seriously any of the pompous post-show pontificators’ pabulum. (Hung up on the alliteration there. Sorry.) Discover if you can what is credible in each man’s narrative. What is positive. What is feasible. What is moral.

Because those too are things we desperately need in Washington.

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