A Vehicle From Which Several Wheels Have Departed

Which public figures — among those with hope for a distinguished legacy as Republican politicians — have fallen the hardest as part of the McCain campaign? James Fallows nominates two.

Obviously — at least to me — the biggest loser will be Sarah Palin….

But closing fast on her is the once-estimable Douglas Holtz-Eakin… [who] appeared on MSNBC to discuss the market crash and failure of the bailout bill, and in the subtlety and fairness of his remarks he was indistinguishable from Tom DeLay in his prime.

Save those few still giddy from McKoolaid, everyone knows about the Palin collapse. Probably you’ve seen one or two of her interviews with Katie Couric, and you heard that McCain cancelled a Letterman appearance to try to save Palin from further harm on CBS. Here’s how he did it. Further evidence of his flair for spur-of-the-moment decisions which work out badly.

“Collapse” may not be the right word for what happened to Palin, suggesting as it does a house of cards. At least with a house of cards, something real is there to begin with, however fragile. How shall we characterize the disintegration of what proves to have been so insubstantial in the first place? Evanescence? Nominations welcome.

Holtz-Eakin is a different matter. Fallows noted he was a former head of the Congressional Budget Office and member of the Council of Economic Advisors, likely to get a top post in any McCain administration. Here he is doing his Tom Delay impression.


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