If the World Could Vote…

Not that it matters, really. I mean, after all, we’ve never meddled with the governments of other countries, never tried to influence an election or the fate of a ruling regime which struck us as insufficiently democratic.

So think of this simply as an academic exercise. If people in the benighted sections of the world, places like Canada and Denmark for instance, had a vote in the US election, who would they select? And for that matter, do they really give a damn? Do they think it makes any difference to them?

Oddly enough, they do think it makes a difference, and in the seventy countries in which Gallup conducted its poll, Obama was the overwhelming favorite. I mean, overwhelming: by a margin of up to sixty percent in many countries. In fact, in only four of the seventy countries was McCain favored. Those countries, and the margins of their support for McCain:

  • Georgia, 8%
  • Philippines, 8%
  • Cambodia, 5%
  • Laos, 1%

For comparison, look at how others voted, and their margins of support for Obama. (Note that this is the margin, not simply the number who preferred Obama.)

  • Canada, 45%
  • Denmark, 61%
  • Germany, 52%
  • Italy, 50%
  • France, 60%
  • Norway, 58%

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