In the interest of fair play…

Well, as fair as it gets around here. Yesterday I posted a recent Obama ad, and at the bottom of this post, I’m going to urge last night’s half-hour informercial on you, but right now — again, in the interest of fair play — here’s the new McCain ad. This one is from the RNC, not McCain himself, so maybe the McCampaign is running low on cash. Whatever the provenance, however, this stands as an official statement of the GOP presidential campaign. Please pay close attention.

The generalized pitch seems to be this: you dare not entrust a critical job to someone who has no experience in that job. By that metric — gosh, I’ve always wanted a chance to use that word, and I hope I’ve used it correctly — by that metric, neither McCain nor Obama should be elected. Neither has been President before. And constitutionally, we can re-elect neither W nor Bill Clinton. What are we to do? Bring Bush Sr. or Jimmy Carter back to the White House?

Then look at the specifics. Do you really want to fly with pilot like McCain, who’s already crashed at least four planes? And as for being in charge, compare Obama’s handling of the Democratic campaign to McCain’s handling of the Republican campaign.

It just may be that the RNC did not think this one through carefully enough.

Probably you saw the Obama half-hour prime-time TV show last night. Or you’ve seen chunks of it, or read about it. I had to be out last night, and got home just in time for the beginning of the 8:30 network shows, so I missed the whole thing. But I watched it this morning, and was properly impressed. Three things in particular stood out.

  • The “ordinary Americans” sections were interesting and credible.
  • The personal sections sounded genuine — biography, not hagiography.
  • There was no mention of John McCain.

The basic spot — without the Obama-Clinton joint appearance at the end — is up all over the net. You can watch it at TPM if you haven’t come across it already.


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