Maybe this explains it…

Explains the goofy (my analysis) op-ed in the Wall Street Journal and even the Powerline Inadvertent Irony noted below. WSJ has a new deputy editor-in-chief: Gerard Baker, formerly US Editor of The Times (London). In announcing Baker’s new job, WSJ managing editor Robert Thomson said

In his most recent role in Washington as US Editor and Assistant Editor of The Times, Gerry has been a commentator and reporter, and so has a clear and principled understanding of the objective of objectivity.

“A clear and principled understanding of the objective of objectivity.” While that may sound like the tin-ear prose of a pompous editor trying to be cute, it is nonetheless mounted on what might easily be taken for a straightforward basis of journalistic integrity. “Clear” and “principled” and “objectivity.” Good stuff, really good stuff.

Fortunately — or not, as your principles tend — aforementioned Gerry Baker published, earlier this year (Feb 22), a long and thoughtful column on Barack Obama, who was at the time battling Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. After a pseudo-folksy tribute to US patriotism comes

But not, apparently, Michelle Obama [who] said that the success of her husband Barack’s campaign had marked the first time in her adult life that she had felt pride in her country….

I suspect it reveals much about what the Obama family really thinks about the kind of nation that America is. Mrs Obama is surely not alone in thinking not very much about what America has been or done in the past quarter century or more. In fact, it is a trope of the left wing of the Democratic party that America has been a pretty wretched sort of place….

But if you listen to Mr Obama’s speeches, it is not the lack of substance but the quality of it that ought to worry Americans. His victory speech after his latest primary win in Wisconsin this week was a case in point.

There was no shortage of proposals. He plans large increases in government spending on health and education. He wants to tax the rich more to pay for it. He is against companies using the opportunities of free markets to restructure their operations in the US. He is vehemently protectionist. He continues to insist, despite the growing evidence that this left-wing nostrum would be lunacy, that the US must pull its troops out of Iraq with the utmost dispatch.

And that, from a clear, principled, and objective point of view, is what is wrong with Michelle Obama. Or perhaps that’s what’s wrong with the Obama family. Baker might even have been trying to suggest that’s what’s wrong with an Obama Administration, and somehow lost his way in the back alleys of conservative thought.


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