Hillary as the next Secretary of State?

I’d be opposed on two counts.

  • Other than traveling in Bill’s wake, and supporting the invasion of Iraq, what are her credentials for the job? The Obama team may be happy with her smarts and background and approach to diplomacy, so perhaps that’s all she needs. Still, the resume looks thin.
  • Now she’ll have Bill traveling in her wake. For the first few days, that is, after which he’ll go cruising — maybe freebooting is the word I want — on his own. Worse than a loose canon.

Maybe — just maybe — the Obama people are giving the whole business the serious treatment in order to justify an investigation of Bill’s financial adventuring, from which they might extract ammunition to keep both Clintons at bay for the next eight years.

Besides, moving from the Senate to the White House seems to be pretty common. Moving from the State Department to the White House is not. She’s better off where she is, if she still eyes the Presidency.


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