A perfectly ordinary front page

Below is today’s front page from one of my local newspapers. I’m still trying to decide what to think of it; your input/opinion will be welcome, particularly as it relates to my concern about the issue on the right (the right-hand column, that is, not the conservative side of the political spectrum).

Worth at least three thousand words.
Worth at least three thousand words.

You probably can’t read the print, so I’ll explain the three pictures.

At the top is a man walking across the parking lot of a steel mill which has just announced that it is closing. A man whose job, that is, has been exported to China, or perhaps has simply been lost in the current financial storm.

At the bottom are the former police chief of Schenectady and his wife, on their way to court. Both were indicted — along with two of her children — on drug trafficking charges, and have accepted plea bargains. He’s going to prison for two years, she to the county lock-up for six months.

In the middle is a young woman from Trade Winds Farm riding her jumping horse, out for exercise in the paddock area. The young woman’s name is irrelevant, but I found a certain charm in the name of her horse. It’s Cashmore.


One thought on “A perfectly ordinary front page

  1. That’s a whole lot of front page real estate allotted to the lifestyle of the horsey class. Crooks and laid-off workers, not so much.

    It’s the same kind irrelevancy you’ll find on local TV news and in the spam basket on your computer — you know the ones that your friends send to you claiming they are “cute” or “meaningful.”

    But I wouldn’t call it ordinary — lots of bad news there, including a major recession. To recast the photo caption for the Cashmore photo — “Hold on to your butts — it’s going to be a bumpy ride.” Lines from a couple of classic movies.

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