Another year, another dollar

I didn’t see the Blagojevich press conference, the one in which he introduced his selection to take the Senate seat being vacated by President Obama. From all accounts, it was, as my father would have said, a doozy. Blago seems about as flaky, and as absolutely clueless despite considerable experience in the political game, as Sarah Palin, but with this astonishing difference: he’s a drag on the Dems, and vast numbers of Reps think she’s the light and life of the party.

Go figure.

No, don’t. There’s no surprise in the behavior and ostensible beliefs of who regard the the “Magic Negro” travesty as mere satire, who can’t understand why anyone’s nose should be disjointed.

By way of comparison, I note that Governor Palin’s daughter has delivered her baby, and that she has not yet married the young man who is presumed to be the father. The Associated Press, in a year-end round-up of the news, suggested that Palin’s quest for the vice-presidency went South as soon as she acknowledged that her daughter was pregnant. Wrong. That announcement brought the anti-abortion crowd to their feet cheering. What demolished Palin was Palin herself; the collapse began with the Couric interviews, after which the entire Republican campaign turned into an historic disgrace.

Comparison to what, you may be asking, inasmuch as I have presented only one side of a discussion? Here’s the other side. Ask yourself what would have been the general public reaction — by which I mean the tone and volume of the Conservative Noise Machine — had it been Obama’s daughter who was single and pregnant.

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