News you might have missed

From the the McClatchy papers

New bio of Sarah Palin out tomorrow

There’s a new biography of the governor out tomorrow: “Trailblazer: An Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin” by People magazine assistant editor Lorenzo Benet. The blurb from the publisher (Simon & Schuster) says it’s “the intimate portrait of Sarah Palin that America has been looking for.”

If you can’t wait for the book, you can read the first chapter at the S&S website.

Trailblazer. Hmm. Haven’t I heard that phrase somewhere else recently. Oh yeah. That’s what’s inscribed on Roland Burris’ tombstone. Actually,

tombstone is far too modest an appelation. In fact, mausoleum may not be adequate. You can read that “Trailblazer” on the center panel of the main vertical element.

The notion that he is some sort of egomaniac gnaws at him. It pains him that the press has been making fun of him, laughing at the mausoleum that bears his name, his achievements and "TRAIL BLAZER" in capital letters.

Burris, you might recall, has not himself actually been installed in the vault, inasmuch as he is not yet altogether dead. He is the recently-appointed sort-of Junior Senator from Illinois. And he is, as is the habit of Senators, making headlines. This one, for instance:

Burris Now Says He Was Asked to Donate

Senator Roland W. Burris of Illinois acknowledged in documents made public Saturday that the brother of former Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich sought campaign fund-raising help from him in the weeks and months before his appointment to succeed Barack Obama as the state’s junior senator.

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