Bailout > Bonus

I can get just as exercised as the next wing-nut blogger (or indignation-crusted political hack; we’re much alike) over the excesses of cash distribution as the Obama Administration tries to lift us out of our misery, unemployment, poverty, and all-round malaise.

It’s a tough enough job with Repulicrites whining and sniping, even harder with Democridiot backstabbing.

Still, keep the numbers in perspective. A bail-out of 160 billion dollars compares this way to bonus payments of 160 million dollars. (I’m picking this because just the other day I heard on that paragon of journalistic probity, NPR, an absolute confusion of the numbers.)

$160 million is $160 million.

$160 billion is $160,000 million.

So. Acknowledged and agreed to. None of the money-grubbing should-be felons who pitched us into this abyss should be allowed to profit thereby. Please note, however, that millions and billions and trillions, as much alike as they sound, are substantially different numbers.

Of course, for some folks, plain old $160 is a substantial figure. But that’s just us.

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