Beauty: In the ear of the listener

If you are one of the eleven people on the planet who have not yet seen and heard Susan Boyle, check this video now. Right now.

Two things come instantly to mind.

One: Les Mis may be the best musical ever. It is not and does not pretend to be opera; it is musical theatre. Different genres; that they use similar ingredients does not make them identical.

Two: Susan Boyle has a lovely voice, and remarkable control for someone who apparently has had only small-time training and experience. That she seems so… well, incredible… is partly that fact, and partly the disconnect in our minds between one who looks so ordinary, and one who sings so well. We’ve learned in the past thirty years to expect a link between performance skills and contemporary standards of physical attractiveness.

Thirty years? Probably more like sixty. Humor me. I’m an old guy.

Really now. Be honest. Is Britney Spears a first-rate singer, or a creature of corporate hype? If you have trouble deciding, check this performer. Compare and contrast, 250 words, 30 points.

Extra Credit: Explain why the disconnect is irrelevant to this performer and to this one.


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