Back in the saddle, so to speak…

SOG has been on… well, not on vacation. More of a hiatus. A break. I’ve been working on a new (better? don’t know yet) version of an old novel, and am rehearsing for my first major role in a musical.

Yes, I have to sing. No, not a lot. Yes, people will have to pay to see the show. No, this is not specifically prohibited in current laws pertaining to public welfare.

Not only that, I have to dance. After last night’s rehearsal, however, I understand the choreographer is reviewing her options.

None of those things, though, has been enough to keep me from posting now and then. Two other factors have borne in on me, and in combination they did me in for a while.

One, this is a tiresome and — strange to say, lonely — task. I’ve invited and suggested and hinted in several quarters, but so far, no one has wanted to join the fray. If I want to take a break, nothing happens. Anyone out there want to spell me now and again?

More than that, and most wearisome and worrisome to admit, I’m terribly depressed about the condition of this country. We are wrapped up in a GOP-and-big-bucks-conservative-and-half-assed-Christianity fed nightmare. Our airwaves and our publications and even what sometimes works as cooperative public discourse are full of hate and bile and cruelty.

It is, and I’ll shout it as loud as I can, it is essentially race prejudice at work. The string-pullers, the financiers, the office-holders and -seekers, they are not — for the most part — themselves racists. They are the most despicable opportunists, however: they feed ideas and situations and sociopolitical drivel to the genuine wing-nuts, who are racists. And theological troglodytes. And sociopaths and all-around crazy people. That is who dominates the public scene today.

And the media, under the banner of reporting the news, continue to give them time and space and publicity. If there were any practical way to do it — there is not, not even an impractical way to do it — I’d move to Nova Scotia tomorrow.



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