Experiment, scientific, rigorous

Writers have been working on this premise for centuries, but at last there is scientific proof. (Well, as scientific as a writer is likely to be in the middle of soon-to-be-described situation.) The premise — seldom articulated but routinely acted upon — is that alcohol functions as an effective, suitable, and sometimes necessary lure for the muse.

The scientific proof: Occasionally I turn to the puzzle page of The New York Times for two items. One is the Sudoku puzzle, the other is a word-completion challenge — you are given a three-letter combination, and a minute in which to think of words which begin with that combination.

Over the past several months, I have established a mean performance level. So many minutes for the difficult Sudoku, so many words in three minutes for the three-part completion puzzle.

I can now report that, after just one glass of wine (or one bottle of beer), my performance level is almost always affected. My Sudoku time rises, indicating a lag in the logical center of the brain, and my word-completion score rises, indicating an increase in the language center.

Scores are not available for significantly larger alcohol intake.

One thought on “Experiment, scientific, rigorous

  1. Seriously? I was totally kicking ass on Jeopardy tonight while enjoying my second Jameson’s. I thought, man these contestants are morons, as I got up to get the pizza delivery. Let’s see.. %15 tip on and $13 of pizza? $7. thanks. I’m sure that delivery guy will be back.

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