But… what’s to be gained?

Why say — as I urged below — “Yes he’s black. So what?” (Expletive deleted in the interest of amicable discourse.) What good will it do?

With absolutely no guarantees, you understand, here’s my rationale.

Confront people whose opposition to Obama seems at all racial, even subconsciously. Make them say, out loud, that the President’s color is a matter of no concern, no worry, no distaste or mistrust. Make them consider, and say out loud where others can hear them, that it is not about race.

The next step — theoretically — will be for those who’ve honestly said race does not matter to confront the people from whom they’ve taken up one or another of the anti-Obama chants. Will you, Rush and Glen and Sarah, will you all say, out loud, in your very public forum, that race is not the issue? And having said that, will you explain carefully — without resort to slogans or subtexts — exactly what is the basis of your opposition?

Answers will come, of course, along with alibis and anxieties. And somewhere along the line — just maybe — some few people will begin to say — to themselves first of all, only much later to others — “Y’know, maybe some of it was about race. Maybe we were just a teensy bit away from the angels’ side on that one.”

And then we will have begun a meaningful dialogue.

Hidden in this agenda, of course, is a small time bomb. Get the subject out in the open, force the people now blathering the bullshit to say the magic words, and a few of them, I guarantee, either will be unable to say those magic words, or will say them with such manifest insincerity that their true feelings will out.

That will not solve the problem, but will help force it out into the open, a necessary first step if ever it is to be solved.

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