An Immodest Proposal

Two and a half years ago, I antagonized female acquaintances by favoring Barak Obama over Hillary Clinton. No good to argue that I thought he could win and she could not: I was just trading off one prejudice for another. I didn’t think of it that way. I honestly thought the country might accept a black man sooner than a white woman. (Does that reflect keen knowledge of the masculine psyche, or simple-minded acceptance of it?)

Now, the shoe may be on the other foot. Or the other chromosome, the extra X. But first let me explain some other stuff.

The misunderstood part of my rationale was this: That particular black man had a better chance than that particular white woman. He was articulate, intelligent, and seemed to have minimal baggage. She was articulate, intelligent, and had serious baggage — her husband Bill, the once and furtive President.

Did I support Bill, back in the Nineties? Well, yes. I voted for Ralph Nader, but living in a blue state, my not voting for Clinton wouldn’t hurt him, and voting for Nader might help wake up the whole bloody system. (Fat chance, huh?)

  • We see now — could we have then? — how much damage Bill’s kowtowing to the money class did to the rest of us. But would we have been better off with any of the other ducks from whom we had to choose? Not likely. My final take on Bill Clinton: he’s the picture you’ll find in the reference books, where they try to explain the difference between guts and gall.
  • And Gore? He’s as wooden and establishment-bought as ever, climate change zeal notwithstanding.

What I’m going to propose here is a radical departure for the Democratic Party. And note, please, I say “propose,” not “suggest.” I offer it as a topic for discussion, and a different approach to a problem which none of the current approaches seems to have reached.

The problem is that we have a President who is everything we could have wanted — bright, popular around the world, articulate, well-intentioned (so far as we can determine) — everything we could have wanted, I say, except one: effective.

He’d perhaps be better off — as would we — if he’d fire every last one of his current cadre of guides and gurus and henchmen. One of two of them might be good, and it would be a shame to lose them, but not nearly so big a shame as keeping all the rest. Clean house. Completely.

  • For chrissake, whose fucking idea was it to leave town immediately after what was sure to be a downer of an election? Were we not supposed to notice? Shit man, the Visigoths are storming the goddam castle walls; this is no time to go duck hunting. Get out there on the ramparts and pour some boiling oil on their heads.

    But no, it’s off to the Far East, home of how many goddam millions of our jobs already. Taking a few more with you? Didn’t anyone in the entire bugfucking White House armada notice that it was a bad idea, and made even worse by re-branding a lousy diplomatic mission as an even lousier economic mission. How dumb are we supposed to be?

Sorry, I must have lost control there for a minute. It’s late at night, and tomorrow looms as a lost cause already. I’ll finish this Saturday night or Sunday morning. But just to give you something to think about, here’s where the initial idea was headed, what the proposed, not suggested idea is:

What would happen if the Democrats, in 2012, instead of pro forma renominating Obame to run for President, were to throw the convention open? What would happen if, say, Hillary Clinton won the nomination?

Feel free to comment, rant, scream, applaud, laugh. Have an opinion, if not about this idea, then about something else. Join the discussion. In fact, start the discussion. It’s so lonely here, talking to myself all the time. I’ll be back in a day or two to follow up on this outlandish proposal.


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