Now, something completely different

While I’ve been gadding about the mediascape, eyes out and a-peel for the latest on income disparity, Middle-East unrest, climate change, and recipes for roasted vegetables, the National Rifle Association has kept its eyes on their number one ball. The results are what you might expect: I grow increasingly despondent about finances, war, climatic disruption, and Chinese spices; the NRA has its way with pseudo-regulatory entities.

Reversing a near decade-long ban, Amtrak will allow passengers to bring guns on most trains starting next month.

But wait. There’s more. Also in recent news…

Tennessee is one of four states, along with Arizona, Georgia and Virginia, that recently enacted laws explicitly allowing loaded guns in bars. (Eighteen other states allow weapons in restaurants that serve alcohol.) The new measures in Tennessee and the three other states come after two landmark Supreme Court rulings that citizens have an individual right — not just in connection with a well-regulated militia — to keep a loaded handgun for home defense.

And if you need another one…

[The NRA] has filed two lawsuits in federal court in Lubbock, Tex., to compel the State of Texas to allow young people between the ages of 18 and 20 years old to buy handguns and carry them concealed in public places.

Just so you don’t spend all your time worrying about the gap between the rich and the poor.


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