Don’t give up. Not yet, anyway.

Maybe he does have a plan. President Obama, I mean, a devious, manipulative shenanigan altogether worthy of his Chicago political upbringing. I can’t guarantee it, you understand, and if you think it might work, don’t tell. We don’t want to tip anyone’s hand here. (nudge-nudge, wink-wink)

So the President sat down with a bunch of Republicrooks and hammered out an extension of the Bush tax cuts. You know, the ones which gave extra jillions of dollars to the folks who already had gazillions, that one. And those tax cuts were due to expire pretty soon. And the Rs really wanted them to continue for, say, oh, I don’t know, maybe another two years, for about as long as they think it will take for a complete conquest of the federal government, after which we’ll all be wafted up into heaven in… oops, drifting into a parallel paradise there. Sorry.

Back to the original narrative. The President wants to do the right thing, but he has Congress and the Senate and ultimately the Supremes to deal with. If he backs away now, the new House majority, abetted by a lump of… turncoat Dems in the Senate and a still-Cheneylike Court, will whup his ass and force a continuation on him.

But. (And this is the part you mustn’t tell anyone about.) Suppose the President agrees with the Rs on an extension plan. They go back to their burrows and whomp up a bill for him to sign. Put in all the stuff they want; he’s already agreed to go along. Then they send it to the White House for his signature, after which we’ll all be wafted up into… darn, there goes that dream again.

Now, here’s the catch. They send the bill over to the White House for Obama’s signature, and… he reads through it, and… says, “Shit, man, this isn’t what we agreed on. Go flunk yourselves.” And he vetoes it.


Now the Rs have to re-group to override his veto. But, although they have the votes to pass a bill, they don’t have the votes to override a veto. So the whole routine is a bust.

Of course, come next session of Congress, dudgeon, indignation and recrimination will be at all-time highs on the right side of the House. And the Senate. So what. They’ve got egg on their face instead of in their beer. (Sorry, not everyone will follow all the old-guy metaphors. Be tolerant, pretend to smile.)

Remember, don’t tell anyone.


One thought on “Don’t give up. Not yet, anyway.

  1. Ha ha, yeah that’s a nice dream. You know what’s really annoying? The pathetic, spineless Dems are so busy whining about no tax cuts for the rich – but guess what? They could have easily taken care of this before the election — even campaigned on it, and likely would’ve lost less seats. But they were too afraid. They didn’t think they had a winning argument, despite all polling to the contrary. By 2 to 1 the public favors tax cuts only for those making less than $250k. But, the Senate wanted the House to act first, the House wanted cover from the White House etc. Jeez…Just do it a**holes. The GOP argument is a ridiculous, blatant fleecing of the poor and middle class, but they rallied together and hammered home their perfect soundbite message – “We want to cut your taxes, they want to raise your taxes.” And like I said, the Dems were afraid. Afraid of losing at the polls – because they raised your taxes.
    But had they thought about it a minute, they would have realized – “Hey, we’re not raising your taxes. The temporary Bush tax cuts are ending, just as planned 10 years ago.” They could have then gone on to promote the Obama middle class tax cuts – see, he’s not raising anyones taxes at all. I know that’s really a criticism of the White House; they should have framed the issue better. I’m sure the WH thought this was a sure-fire winner though, and didn’t expect Congressional Dems to pussy out. I guess there’s plenty of blame to go around.
    But, now that Obama has made the best deal he can with the Repubs, the Dems are crying about it? Where was all this energy and coordinated effort 2 months ago? All this does is divide the party and weaken it. Not to mention, diminishes the possibility of passing other legislation in the lame duck, like DADT, and DREAM act. And the chances of getting a better deal from the Repubs is zero. They’ll be happy to blame the “obstructionist Dems” for getting in the way of a bi-partisan bill that would have cut your taxes, dear voter.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed off as hell at the prospect of more tax cuts for the rich, but the Dems can’t get out of their own way to actually win
    these very winnable issues.

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