A disappointing top-ten list

The most amazing thing about Wikileaks, as I’ve suggested in previous posts, is that for all the huffing and puffing, there’ve been no jaw-dropping surprises or career-busting revelations. None that I heard about.

  • Granted, there’s so much STUFF out there that pesky needles may still be found in the hay. Granted also, some of what seems — out of context — to be of minor consequence, may actually in context be extremely important.

I spent more time than a sane person with a real life and responsibilities could justify trying to find out if I had been wrong, if there were major skeletons tumbling out of a closet someplace, or genuine shit hitting a fan someplace else. The best I could find was… at Salon, “The Ten Most Important Wikileaks Revelations.” Click the link if you want details. Here’s an abbreviated list.

  1. Secretary of State Clinton ordered diplomats to collect information on foreign officials.
  2. The Obama administration launched missile attacks on suspected terrorists in Yemen.
  3. American intelligence believes Iran has received missiles from North Korea.
  4. Secretary of Defense Gates believes a conventional strike would only delay Iranian nuclear plans.
  5. Several Arab leaders have urged the U.S. to launch an attack on Iran.
  6. The government of Israel was not considering airstrikes against Iran.
  7. U.S. tried to get enriched uranium out of Pakistan.
  8. Israel contacted Egypt and Hamas before the 2008 attack on Gaza.
  9. The U.S. government deals with a corrupt brother of President Karzai.
  10. U.S. diplomats describe foreign leaders in unfriendly terms.

Well. Diplomats collect information about one another. The Arabs want us to take out Iran. Pakistan is at best a shaky ally, and Afghanistan is likely corrupt as hell. Oh yeah, and government officials make catty remarks.

Do I hear any jaws hitting the floor?

One thing we do know for sure. Our vaunted intelligence operations are, well, they’re pretty leaky. That may be the biggest story of all, unless some more substantial shoes hit the floor.


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