Are we some kind of crazy? Don’t ask.

Good heavens. The 2012 Presidential election is only two years away. We better start trying to find out who people will vote for, don’t you think? Rick Santorum? Michael Bloomberg? Ralph Nader? Sarah Palin?

Barack Obama?

A week ago, according to a McClatchey-Marist polll, if the election had been held then, Mitt Romney would beat President Obama. Mitt Romney? Do people even remember him? Jesus H. tap-dancing Christ. Good thing the election wasn’t last week.

If the election were held this week, according to a Washington Post poll, President Obama would beat both Sarah Palin and Michael Bloomberg. I guess that can be looked on as an improvement.

Interesting thing about that poll, in my mind, is the way the Post handled it. Headline on the story was “Sarah Palin lags Obama in theoretical 2012 presidential election.” Jesus H. tap-dancing and bottle-juggling Christ. Talk about tilting the story. As if it were newsworthy that Obama would get more votes than Palin.

But wait. Are there people in this country — I mean, adults, who are competent to vote — who would honest and truly vote SP into the White House? There are, if we can believe the Washington Post: the poll showed that 8% of those questioned would definitely vote for her. Okay, you say, only one in twelve of us is a simpering idiot. Sorry, it’s worse than that. Another 31% said they would seriously consider voting for her. So that’s 31 and 8 — close to forty percent of the voting public takes her seriously as a candidate for President.

Don’t stand too close to strangers in the coffee shop, or at the bus stop. A fierce and dangerous virus may be on the loose.


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