Here we go again…

My text today, brothers and sisters, is from the words of Saint Raymond, and while the context of his gospel does not exactly parallel that of my own message here, yet the lesson is the same: neither disappointment nor setback should keep us from our dreams.

Or, in more mundane fashion, there’s too much stuff going on in the world for me not to rant and ramble on about it.

First — not because most important or most relevant but because it’s in front of me at the moment — the impending campaign for the White House, which could be the most unintentionally funny one in years.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has decided he definitely will not run for President next year. This disappoints much of the GOP, the rational branch, those folks who have looked at the current line-up and wrung their checkbooks in despair. (Check the old Tom Toles cartoon to the right.)

But I can understand Christie’s decision. It would have been a fat white man with a quick and nasty temper against a slim & trim black man with, apparently, no temper at all. Tough odds.

Watch for Christie to go on a diet and come back leaner and meaner in 2016, when he won’t have to face an incumbent. (And yes, I’m predicting that Obama will be re-elected, no matter whom, or whatm, is posed against him next year.)

Oh, it will be funny. A joke, that is. The butt of which will be you and me.

And just what the hell is going on down there around Wall Street? Don’t those people understand: Wall Street is not merely the center of our financial system, it’s the abiding symbol of all our domineering — sorry, I mean “dominant,” of course — institutions. To attack it, to assail its denizens as somehow complicit in our own miseries, is… well, it comes damn close to socialism, that’s what it does.

The symbol, I say, of magnificent institutions. And there, in the center of all the hubbub and hurly-burly and hubris — sorry, I meant… oh, never mind — is what we might call the symbol of symbols. The Bull of Wall Street, a symbol so powerful, dignified, and essential, that a coterie of cops has been delegated to protect it from unseemly attack by street ruffians.

Bully! Bully!

Consider all the important and well-known elements of our language which begin with “bull-.” Dare we risk losing or even imperiling any of them?

I thought not.


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