Death of another tyrant

So Gaddafi is dead. He was killed, apparently while trying to surrender, perhaps while pleading for his life. Killed. Executed. In what we refer to, confusingly, as “cold blood.”

Look. I don’t condone any killing. I didn’t condone our invasion of Afghanistan either, but it was inevitable. Inevitable. In fact, since we knew the whereabouts of those who planned and oversaw 9/11, the only surprise — disappointment, if you will — was that it took us so long to respond. Four weeks, instead of four hours.

  • [ASIDE: A delay partly to line up unneeded allies, and partly — this the maddening part — to placate the corrupt and oppositional government of Pakistan. Ten years later, not much has changed. A headline today in the Washington Post would have been appropriate just about any day since then. US intensifies pressure on Pakistan to crack down on terror as Clinton delivers tough message. “Tough message” my ass. Will we ever find an administration with the courage and candor to tell such as Pakistan and Israel that they shape up or, instead of piles of money, they start getting bills for repayment of past support?]

So yes, killing the man was illegal by almost every standard. It was also immoral by most standards. (Check various sections of the Old Testament.) Remember our loudly-trumpeted secret mission to get bin Laden? Without a trial. Ten years later. In Pakistan.

Is anyone really surprised?

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