For the real story…

Twice already today, I burst into uncontrollable laughter. First time was at a New Yorker cartoon, an art form which had seemed tired and feeble, but now seems again live and lively. I’ll detail that later. And yes, I am planning to come back here to drone and carp and whine and cavil some more, if only because of the second thing which broke me up today.


Don’t bother with TV or other mass media… US mass media, that is. If you want to find out what is happening to the Republican Presidential Primary (good old RPP, let’s say) there’s only one place to check. In fact, for a hell of a lot of what’s really going on in this country, along with occasional smart-ass commentary to go with it, what you want is The Guardian. No, really. Check it out.

And please note that I said was is happening “to” RPP, not what is happening “with” it. Any rational observer — and those Guardian reporters and editors, barely stifled laughter notwithstanding, are rational observers — can see that the wheels, already off the chassis, are liable to inflict a whole shitload of collateral damage before long.

I ought not to laugh, but it is goddam funny, this RPP. If only there weren’t a genuine possibility that one of those bottom-feeding weasels could get elected. If that happens… well, I’m too old to emigrate, and don’t know who’d have me anyway.

In case you haven’t noticed, and still haven’t checked The Guardian, here’s part of the story:

  • Romney did NOT win Iowa; a recount gives Iowa to Santorum.
  • Perry has withdrawn, throwing his support to Gingrich.
  • Palin supports Gingrich.
  • Bachman says Gingrich “lacks the poise, experience and moral fiber to represent our principles and values.”
  • Gingrich says, as President, he would ignore the Supreme Court.

It isn’t just the story. The Guardian’s commentary along the way is just as funny as the politicians.


That cartoon I mentioned above. It’s right here. Don’t click on this link with a mouthful of milk, or beer, or anything else which will embarrass you when it splootches all over the room.

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