Further on up the road

Jesus (image of convenience; substitute savior of your choice) is not coming this year. He will not be on the ballot in November, and neither will Ralph Nader. Odds of a tolerable outsider making the cut are infinitesimal; ignore that. We will, therefore, have to vote — if we vote at all — either for Obama or for whichever GOP clown prevails. In brief, the lesser of two evils. There is comfort here: we can safely ignore all mass media political vomitus for the next 7+ months. Plenty of time to read a few good books, play with the kids, walk in the woods, write poetry, tend the garden.

And then, when November comes, what are we to do? All the fumbling and disappointments and bullshit aside, there’s only one realistic course of action. If for no other reason, think about who might be appointed next to the Supreme Court — a thing which surely will happen — if someone like Gingrich or Romney becomes the Decider-in-Chief.


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