Just back from a bracing — which is to say, so cold that I walked fast — trip to the Post Office, today’s venture into the world of walking, an everyday venture into the realm of physical and mental and perhaps emotional health.

The good which comes of it physically is beyond argument. The good which comes mentally also is beyond argument, at least for me. If you disagree, go for a walk around the block right now, then come back and think about it some more.

One of the things which came to mind this morning was triggered by an old poster, falling now away from the pole upon which it had been fastened, but the sense of its message still decipherable: 9/11 was an inside job, a conspiracy.

Two points here have to be kept separate, two points which I believe, neither of which I can prove.

  • We do not know many details of the 9/11 attack:

    • Where and by whom the affair was set in motion.

    • Who had advance warning that it, or something like it, was about to happen.

    • What profit was made by whom as a result.

  • The Bush/Cheney Administration neither planned nor executed the attack. That is not to say the two men and their minions were personally and morally incapable of such duplicitous behavior, only that I don’t believe 9/11 was their handwork. (What they did to Iraq will be judged, by history and by the gods themselves, as a far greater crime than felling the Twin Towers.)

What I’m getting to is that we Americans are not, by virtue of being who we are — Americans — therefore and necessarily better than anyone else. We are only as good as everyone else, goodness here a relative thing which must be measured in each instance against the traditions and mores and beliefs of the tribe in question. Do I believe that Dick Cheney, because he is an American, would therefore have been incapable of homicide, extortion, pillage?

You really need to ask?

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