Justice: Blind or Deranged?

Our Supreme Court — about which, more tomorrow — will soon hand down its ruling on the question of mandatory sentencing of juveniles. In particular, it will determine whether a mandatory life-without-parole sentence can be imposed on a person as young as 14. (It’s been in the news a good deal lately; you can pick up details from a recent WaPo article.)

Compare that with the trial now going on in Norway, of a man whose actions and statements position him outside any rational description of sanity or humanity. Yet this man is being given not so much a trial as a public forum in which to justify — to glorify — his bizarre behavior.

He is not being punished. He is being rewarded. This strikes me as an even more egregious sin against human and humane behavior than life sentences for 14-year-old children. Like us, apparently, the Norwegians are hapless victims of their own quirky criminal justice system.

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