Moving the books…

…off the internet, not off the shelves. The first of my mystery books, Door to Door, was on sale as an e-book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Now I’ve taken it off the market. Here’s why.

First, it was on sale but not really selling. Second, it was an e-book rather than a real book (sorry, but that’s how I feel about them). Third, I’ve now finished book two, Bumper to Bumper, and am trying to get it published as a real book; having book one out there in different garb seemed disruptive. Fourth, and most to the point, Bumper to Bumper is a significantly better book than Door to Door; I want to revise D2D, make it as good now as I believe B2B is.

For anyone who bought Door to Door, and wants the new version, leave a comment on this post and I’ll send you a copy when it’s finished, along with a copy of Bumper to Bumper.


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