24/76: Poll Attacks, part 1

Look, this may not work. I mean, it may work, but it may not have precisely the intended results. Still, it’s worth a try. Nothing else so far has worked.

What I’m getting at is a tool to counter big money ruining our electoral system. Counter-attack, is what it is, because virtually all bigbig money goes into attack ads — from both sides.

We cannot outspend them, we cannot out-produce them. Our best chance, as I see it, is to subvert them.

Advertisers — whether they’re pitching toilet paper or political candidates — create lovely images which we’ll accept as our own dreams, or bizarre images which we’ll accept as our own fears. They try, and generally succeed with millions of people, to manipulate our attitudes, create our tastes… and guide our fingers when we vote.

But they need starting points for their maneuvers. What are the things we’re afraid of, what’s at the heart of our dreams? Fortunately for them, that information is easy to find. We give it to them, absolutely free.

In fact, it’s plastered every day on web sites, in newspapers, and on radio and TV.

Yeah. Opinion polls.

That’s where we put it all out there for them to harvest.

Time to stop doing that.

    (Subversive details to follow.)


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