28/72: Poll Attacks, part 5

Evasive, curt, and devious.


Obscene, false, and ambiguous.


Now, the final step.

Tell the truth again.

They will not be expecting it, will be translating our truth through their lie machines. They will be wrong. Then, when they begin to realize what is happening, we go back — in no particular sequence — to tiers one and two and three.

The loveliest part is, it needs no organization. It is, in fact, better without organization, without structure, without agenda. Merely a couple hundred million people refusing, side-stepping, lying, and sometimes telling the truth. Having fun unsettling the pollsters.

And if you think unsettling them is fun, wait until you try it with focus groups and research psychologists. “My favorite toilet paper? Well, as long as I’m sitting here, let me tell you what I think about that…”


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