29/71: Poll Attacks, part 6

A long shot, but it’s a beginning on an attack against the money lords.

So what does it accomplish, this symbolic flim-flamming of the flim-flammers?

It will unsettle them. It will shatter their grip on what they took for a certainty: that they knew how to measure us, how to tailor their fabrications to suit us, how to prevent an interest in change from forming in pockets.

They will not see this as defeat. It will register merely as a temporary annoyance, and will be dealt with as the one percent always deals with uppity beggars:

  1. Statisticians and bloviators and analysts and media geeks will be imported, and work-arounds will be developed.

  2. In a few antediluvian districts, laws will be introduced making it a misdemeanor knowingly to misrepresent oneself to a legitimate pollster.

  3. An off-shoot of the Tea Party will form, called the Pure Polling Party.

    • It will endure, in stony silence, inevitable references the P P Party.

    • In those districts referenced in #2, laws will be introduced making it a felony publicly to refer to micturation in connection with political activity.

    • Prosecutors using such laws against on-line ads to “Tell Barack You’re In” will get at least to an appellate division before being convincingly overturned.

More seriously, and more to the point, if they cannot be sure what the public wants, how can they be sure how to seduce it? Are the old tricks not working, the old lures no longer attractive, the old lies no longer viable?

We cannot stop them, but we might, for a day or two, a week or two, slow them down.

It’s a start.


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