Lazy writers

It’s a small thing, but increasingly annoying. Maybe it, as surely as Global Climate Change, unequal distribution of wealth, and Tea-party intransigence, betokens inevitable and fast-approaching societal collapse. I refer, of course, to the increasing laziness of contemporary generations, a laziness displayed in several ways but most surely and quickly in their sense of entitlement:

    we deserve it because it is now and we are here and we want it.

All right, I exaggerate. But only a bit. Latest evidence, from an on-line writers’ forum. One person asked why a particular writing program — which includes Auto-Capitalization, to automatically capitalize the next word after a period — could not alter its behavior when encountering an abbreviation, such as etc., which frequently does not end a sentence.

Poor chap. At the mercy of who knows which fates, uncertain himself, apparently, when to capitalize, or perhaps merely unfamiliar with the Shift key (a standard feature on many keyboards). Whatever the reason, he expects the writing program to decide for him when to use a capital letter. This is a person who is, or intends to be, a writer. And he wants the computer to capitalize his sentences for him.

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