• Good fortune: being picked for Freshly Pressed.
  • Good fortune: being visited by many children and grandchildren.
  • Mis-fortune: coincident good fortunes.

Which is an apology to all who’ve replied to “One month later,” an apology for not earlier acknowledging your comment, your approval, your disagreement, whatever your reaction. The house begins to empty today, and I’ll soon be able to respond and visit your sites.

As noted on the About page, this is not intended as a place for arguments. Any polite and credible comment gets published; if there’s a question which needs answer, I’ll try to provide it; feel free to talk among yourselves. Beyond that it’s “Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll take a look at your place as soon as I can.”

If you want a conversation on something I’ve written — or anything else which seems appropriate –send me an e-mail [pjs at operamail dot com] and I’ll be happy to reply.


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