A Set of Small Items

I’ve been using a computer since the mid-Eighties — not the same one, of course — but I’m still unfamiliar with, or unaware of, or indifferent to a great many of the gadgets, formalities, and procedures which. . . most people take for granted.

  • I grabbed a Twitter account, but only so I could preserve for myself an ID I may want some day to use. I have yet to tweet.
  • I have a smart phone, a Samsung Galaxy; given a chance now to do it over, I’d opt for a simpler model. I don’t want my phone to take pictures or find Chinese restaurants; I want it to make phone calls. (OK, I’ll accept texting.)
  • I don’t “follow” other bloggers, because I already get way too much e-mail. However, there are several blogs which I visit regularly.

In fact, this whole “following” business is quite new to me. Many people “follow” me, though a good many of those listed as “followers” appear to be

  • Business enterprises hoping for free advertising;
  • Individuals looking for soul mates or, perhaps, material for a book;
  • Wraiths, beings with an Internet address but no corporeal substance.

To any and all, more power to you. Let me know if it helps.

As to technical stuff: like most writers, I have an array of “productivity” tools on the hard drive, programs to capture, generate, manipulate, organize, and structure language. There were about fifteen at last count. I could quite well do without ten of them, and have tried any number of times to clean house. The catch: every time I try, it’s a different ten.


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