Imagine my surprise…

…to discover that the polling scheme, outlined below, already has been set up, with the first breakdown completed.

I cannot, for national security reasons, detail background material, or how I came to discover it. But you will accept my word for it, and I in return will
be as candid and forthcoming as national security and my own well-being permit.

In brief: a large, well-funded, highly-efficient, and secrecy-shrouded federal government entity determined — well before I suggested it — that carefully-supervised regressive polling could simplify and shorten our extraordinarily complex and tendentious political campaigns.

Most details of the actual process remain classified, but I can tell you that the first Prime Polling Person — hereinafter known simply as PPP — has been selected, and will be employed in the next Presidential election.

PPP’s true name and address have not been disclosed, but from the available data, she appears to be a near-perfect example of the U S citizen.

  • PPP is a woman in her mid-thirties; married, with 1.5 children.
  • She formerly worked as an RN at a regional medical center.
  • She expects to return to nursing as soon as her daughter Jennifer and son -ert are both in high school.
  • Her husband William teaches high school math.
  • They live in the vicinity of Des Moines, Iowa, approximately half-way between the geographic center and the population center of the fifty states.

More data as they become available.


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