Is There a God?

Is anyone seriously surprised at revelations about governments — our own as well as others’ — peeking into our lives? Wasn’t it always just a matter of time before greed and arrogance got together with paranoia, all in the name of God Bless America? Notice the pattern of response to the news: we cannot comment and we wouldn’t do a thing like that and it’s in the national interest and besides the judge gave us permission.

  • Sounds like a man who’s been accused of assaulting a woman: “I was a mile away and it was some other guy and besides she said I could.”

So anyway, about that title. Fredric Brown, one of the best of the old pulp authors — and that’s a compliment — wrote a very short story titled “Answer,” the premise of which was creating a superduperkickass computer to answer the question which has tormented humans all these millennia: “Is there a God?”

The answer: “Yes, now there is a god.”


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