Maybe it doesn’t need reforming…

My local paper the other day carried a couple of unrelated items, both tucked safely away on inside pages, where they wouldn’t get much attention. But something did strike me about them: a message for the Conservative bloc in Congress.

Here’s the first story, linked to more comprehensive back-up than my local rag provided.

Teenagers from Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Hampshire bested competitors from 17 other countries to give the U.S. its sixth title at National Geographic’s biennial geography championships for schoolchildren… Asha Jain, of Minocqua, Gopi Ramanathan, of Sartell, Minn., and 14-year-old Neelam Sandhu, of Bedford, N.H., edged their counterparts from Canada and India in Wednesday’s final round of the National Geographic World Championship in St. Petersburg, Russia.

And here’s the second, referring to the TV network, Univision.

The Spanish-language network giant has just beat out all of the other major networks for July 2013 (June 27, 2013 – July 17, 2013), claiming the number one spot in the coveted “under 50″ audience category. This landmark moment for the 50+ year old network is more evidence that the Hispanic and Latino communities are growing, and the younger groups of key target audiences are preferring an increasing amount of programming that is more culturally relevant.

Check again the names of those US kids who won an international competition. I didn’t try to find out for sure, but I’m guessing, from their names, that none of the three is part of a recent immigrant family, and maybe not from Northern Europe either. Then, there’s the Univision triumph in TV ratings, something that Fox — and maybe the other three as well — must be taking quite seriously.

Oh, about that title at the top, something that maybe doesn’t need reforming. I was talking about our immigration policy.


One thought on “Maybe it doesn’t need reforming…

  1. IMO everyone takes the line of least resistance. Working hard is sometimes the easiest option. I do that and others think I’m lazy.

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