A present for Marie…

… and five more just like her.

We live in a two-party world, it seems. Here in USA, it’s either Democrat or Republican. A runner in baseball is either safe or out; a pass in football is complete or incomplete; school grades — at all levels — increasingly are Pass or Fail; drivers, when stopped, are either drunk or sober…

Well, you get the idea. And I’ve been thinking about our world today, and the places where we have choices, choices which, at the end, are largely this or that.

  • Bill Murray or Steve Martin
  • Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro
  • Apple or MicroSoft
  • Honda or Toyota
  • Jersey Shore or Miami Beach
  • Creationism or Evolution
  • St. Paul or St. Francis

So, a little game. Choose one or the other of the above pairs. Or make up a pair to add to the list. Or — and this is the real challenge — come up with a genuine middle-of-the-road alterative to both elements.

Maybe there’s hope yet for a rational, honest, and productive middle path through the mist and out of the forest. Just watch out for the black-hat lady with the cauldron… and don’t lie down in a field of poppies.

That guy behind the curtain? He may, in the end, be our best hope.

… and another guy, this one usually in front of the curtain.

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Click on the image

One thought on “A present for Marie…

  1. It’s coincidental to me that you wrote this post at this time. I’ve been wrestling over the past months with how to get a blog going to provide the other side of organ donation. I try an approach and it doesn’t work. So I remove it and so on.
    Eventually I realized that it’s because if you feel some sort of compunction to look at the practice of organ donation with a critical or scientific eye you are automatically labelled religious and pro-life. So there goes the science… and one’s credibility.
    I started a new blog a few days ago taking the approach that you touch on here. Polarization. I wriggle myself out of it through the title of the blog and now I feel more able to make my point.
    Polarization I think, is a mass maneuver designed to pit people against each other (I don’t ‘among one another’ because it has to be extra blind and intense and if there were more than two camps it would water down the fervor of battle. It’s a great form of distraction for the electorate who must be allowed their outlets but not too close to the cockpit. The plane is in flight and until it lands it has to keep flying.
    Middle of the road implies thought and not just reaction. Kneejerk reaction provides a blast of self justification and self confidence. Without it there would be no reason to commit crimes, gang activities, rape, wars, wrongful arrests, human worth decisions, and just about everything that functions on things being fair in love and war. It’s not that it IS fair, it’s that it appears fair–as this here broomstick flies through the air.

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