Changing appearances

Yeah, I changed the layout again. That old one looked too much like a goddam web page, as do most other free options available on WordPress. (Not to badmouth the WP folks; their target audience is overwhelmingly — meaning everyone but me, perhaps — young and deeply invested in modern modes of communicating.)

This one looks more like what I’m after: a page in a book, or magazine, or journal, even a page ripped from a typewriter. (Yes, I do have a typewriter. And a fountain pen. Use them both.) Something with physical substance.

If I weren’t a cheapskate, I could buy an adjustable design, except that I’m also a cyberdolt. So here I am, and here you are.

If it’s pictures you want, let me refer you to my other blog, Locagraphy. It’s nothing but pictures. They’re all from around the area where I live, so if you have an aversion to Upstate New York, don’t waste time clicking.


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