About last night…

Post this someplace. Read it to your kids.

We incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II, locked our doors to desperate European Jews running from Hitler, enslaved black people and held them in peonage, and nearly eradicated the Native Americans.

That’s Richard Cohen. He’s talking about us Americans. He’s right.

Look, I occasionally take exception to RC, but this time he has organized it, summarized it, wrapped it neatly and printed it at the Washington Post. His starting point — as with everyone else in this country who’s writing today — was last night’s GOP primary debate. I watched as much of it as I could stomach, then poured another glass of Cabernet and went to bed.

Got up this morning and opened the paper to the editorial page, my usual starting point ever since second year of high school when my English teacher, Sister Marie Therese, told us that was where to pay attention — the editorial page — because that’s where the best writers are published. For 65 years, that advice has help up pretty well.

But back to Cohen’s column today. It’s worth reading, if only for the implications of his first paragraph.

It has come to this: The leading Republican presidential candidate struts like a martinet and has taken on the persona, if not the rhetoric, of a hater, while the leader of Germany, an altogether humble woman of clear moral vision, is performing in the Western tradition of enlightened tolerance. How did we lose this war?

Title of his column, incase you haven’t clicked on it yet, is Angela Merkel is a better leader for America than Donald Trump


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