Sometimes, just a touch…

Francis’ foray into the wilds of North America — who wilder than us, really — had moments of good and not so good and sort of in-between. But that was as reported by the omnipresent and omnivorous media, never a source to be trusted. (I speak as one who spent many years as a part of those media.)

I have great sympathy and admiration for the man. He is trying to drag a fifth-century global dragon into an awareness of if not an acceptance of the time in which it now resides. A task surely beyond the powers and patience of anyone.

No need to catalog the obsolescent trappings he’s trying to jettison. They surround him — and willy-nilly, us — everywhere we go.

But now, from his last day in town, a picture. An image, here with careful analysis, which makes the whole event much more than a media circus side-show. Go take a look.

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