A picture is worth how many words?

I don’t see many print ads these days, don’t flip random pages at the magazine rack, never glance at the exposé crap next to the check-out line at the supermarket. We get the Sunday Times but first thing I do is toss the style section then do my best to ignore ads as I thumb through the magazine and news pages. Our local rag doesn’t get any farther into display ads than hearing aids and rain gutters. And I have a pretty good ad blocker on my desktop computer.

My point — and there is one — is that I’ve been completely unaware of how commercialization has subverted our most recent human drama. Here’s one example of it. I’m confident there are more. Words don’t fail me, but the ones first to mind are so obvious and so crude that I’ll leave you to express your own.


For a bit more on this, check Reading the Pictures, one of my favorite stops when I sit at the desk each morning.

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