The Real One

Yeah, there’s an elephant in the room. It isn’t Trump or Cruz, it isn’t the Mexican Wall, it isn’t any of the various immigrant disposal plans. We acknowledge and even talk about those figures. They no longer fit the elephant definition.

The real one is standing behind those figures. It’s the one we’ll have to face as soon as we endorse one of those figures.

It’s nothing new, really. Although fiercely denied by the occasional recidivist, it’s an undeniable fact of history.

Germany probably come first to mind.

But there’s also Turkey.

And Bosnia.

And Rwanda.

The list goes on and on.

It even includes us.

Once a group, a population, a family is singled out for abuse, is identified as less worthy, less deserving, less human, in our instance less American, once that identification — however spurious — once it settles into the civic mind, the next step is governmental acknowledgement. And logically, the final step has to be elimination.

And if you think that among us there are few if any who would endorse and even take part in such elimination programs — willingly or otherwise — I suggest you do not know your fellow citizens as well as you think you do.


4 thoughts on “The Real One

  1. I wish you were wrong about that, but sadly, I believe you are right. My only hope is that the election becomes a landslide for the Democratic candidate — most likely Hillary.

    1. I hope we can maintain human dignity and compassion regardless of who wins.
      Some days, I think we will no matter what.
      Other days, not so sure.

  2. It’s spooky, eerie, weird that you would write such a thing SOG… Just this morning I was singing Buffy Sainte-Marie’s “Universal Soldier” to myself while walking to the store. Wait a minute, it’s LOVELY that you would write such a thing.
    You left out the word “know” but I think that’s eerie!

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