What will happen — will at least begin to happen — on that date? I fear all of us, one way or another, will be caught up in an inescapable backlash.

Should Trump win, we’re all in shit of an unprecedented deepness. I won’t speculate on possible outcomes. It’s just going to smell bad everywhere.

What concerns me are the possible — I won’t say probable  — kinds of reaction from The Donald and consequently from the militant right wing and the justifiably-angry members our society’s lower strata when Clinton wins, as I’m confident she will.

Is Trump going to accept the results, congratulate the Dems, and open another golf course in the Bahamas?

I don’t think so.

I expect he will do one of two things. Maybe both.

He will claim his loss was the result of electoral malfeasance, voter fraud and inter-party shenanigans. He will take his grievances to courts, both Federal and Public Opinion. In neither will he win a meaningful victory, but in both he will continue his now-manic campaign to defeat Clinton and restore his own self-image.

Or he will retire to a sulk tank from which each morning he will issue incendiary tweets to his horde of minions. It’s unlikely he will ask for any specific action to be taken on his behalf. But the man has the kind of talents which will enable him to foment the worst, then back away from any connection when the ever-threatening putrescence engages the whirling blades.

I do not expect a great deal of joy.


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