Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Well, why not?

Is literature confined to novels and plays? To the kind of poetry college English majors have to trudge through?

It is not. And here now, a major acknowledgment.

For a detailed study of the reasons Dylan won, you might check out an op-ed from The New York Times three years ago, one which argued then that Dylan should get the prize.

For me, this is also one big step — and perhaps the Nobel people had it in mind — toward compensating the world of logic, decency and good sense for that grotesque Peace Prize of 1973 which went to Henry Kissinger.

In fact, when I heard the bulletin that Dylan had won, my first thought was, can’t be, this year’s Peace Prize has already been awarded.

I think Dylan could have got that one too.


One thought on “Bob Dylan

  1. Phil, Thank you for this current return of SOG, especially your amen to the Dylan Nobel! And yes, Bill Wyman’s piece is a fine reminder why it makes sense, and I say, is a very healthy thing for our so often boxed-in thinking world. Hope you’re enjoying these gorgeous blue and gold days, N

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