It’s your choice

You have four of them, five if you count write-ins and six if you count not voting at all. No matter which you want, you’ll get one of the dominant two.

That sounds to me like a flawed system, even more so if you take into account how money and back-room finagling influenced who got to be the dominant two.

Oh yeah, one other factor.


Our political system depends mightily upon two phenomena which fly in the face of true democracy.

  1. Large amounts of money from people who want the government — people elected to determine, interpret, and enforce the laws — to act in their favor.
  2. Polls which claim to inform government officials, political parties, and the general public exactly what the public wants, and how it will react to actions taken by those in office and those trying to win office.

Both of those phenomena raise questions which need to be answered if we are to cast informed ballots, and only one of them is currently in the public eye.

  1. We don’t know and cannot determine what effect the flow of money has on political parties and persons.
  2. We do not know and cannot assess the effect of political polling. It is an unacknowledged elephant in the room. We know nothing about the accuracy, integrity, or motivation of organizations which claim to conduct those polls.

Conduct a poll of your own. How many of your friends and family members have ever been contacted by pollsters?


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