I Get It

I really do. Most of it, anyway.

A lot of people have been screwed by the Establishments — legal, financial, social, educational.

  • They couldn’t afford a good enough lawyer to avoid prosecution even when they were innocent.
  • They believed the bank which suckered them into a no-win mortgage on an over-valued crummy house.
  • They were edged out of a job or an apartment by someone whose neighbor was on the Board.
  • They sent their kids to the nearest public school which was underfunded and hooked into lead-pipe water system.

I understand that they are pissed off at everything which seems to have an Establishment label. When a candidate comes along who brags about his separation from the Establishment, his opposition to it, his own fear of it, they’re interested. When it become apparent that this candidate has collected billions of dollars by side-stepping and swindling the Establishment — that’s not how he presents it but they’re smart enough to read through the blather — they figure maybe he’s The Man.

What’s to lose, they say. It can’t possibly get much worse for us. Let’s support The Man. Maybe he can pull us out of the rut.

I get it, all of that.

What I don’t get is how the un-screwed population buys into this man’s message. How they do so, I mean, without abandoning whatever dignity, decency, and honor they may have laid claim to. The governors and senators and corporate big-shots and generals and media stars and so on. Don’t tell me they distance themselves, that they refuse to endorse him. If they don’t denounce and oppose him, they’re on his side.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to go so far in the national miasma. Hard not to run screaming into the streets. What good would that do? Ease my spirit? Get me a couple days free room and board at some institution? Not enough.

Yeah, I get it all right.

Wait a minute, you say, shouldn’t I rejoice? The Man’s current chance of making it is reported by the media at about one in twelve. (They wouldn’t lie about that, would they?) He has an eight percent chance of winning. Why not rejoice?
I don’t and won’t rejoice. The Man has demonstrated before the election, and will surely continue after his loss, that we are a deeply flawed democracy. It isn’t, as I began to write, that his candidacy is proof of the flaw — his candidacy is rather proof that we still are an open democracy.

What proves the flaw is that he continues — he escalates — his attacks on so much of what we boast about as proof of our own goodness, and none of those governors and senators and generals I referenced above come out to denounce him. They didn’t, back when it might have made a difference, and it’s too late for them to have signifant impact now.

The Man will lose the election, but our troubles may continue for a long time.


One thought on “I Get It

  1. Well said. I am deeply troubled by the fear mongering and the hatred that has been exhibited during this election cycle.

    I live in New Jersey and cannot fathom how Chris Christy continues to “stand by” his man.

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